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Mission accomplised!


Sappers more or less finished!
I’ll add a few more and base them as soon that I return home, and also add some T34-85s.



I’m on a 5 day conferance and I have brought almost a complete engineer sapper battalion to paint in the evenings!
I managed to prime them the night before I left and have made some progress so far, my goal is to finish them off before the week is over, I’m progressing quite good, probably because I don’t have any other stuff with me to distract me…


Some more conversion work on the T-50 and a Marder II Ausf D

I’m in a conversion mood right now, it’s usually easy to tell by the amount of glue on my fingers…

Well here’s a few WIP shots on the T-50 tank and a older projekt, a Marder II SdKfz 132 based on a Skytrex Pz II Ausf D.

45 degree view of the Marder. the "turret" is temporary stuck in place with "blu-tac".

My plan is to build 3 of these for my 1942 Wiking lists, we’ll see if I ever finish them…

Side view of the Marder and the T-50 to which I've built the turret since the last post.

I need to put a longer barrel on the Marder, I put a spare StuG barrel on it now but it’s way to short.


Plasticard adventures

Another one of my projects is to try to scratch build a T-50 “Pikkusotka” tank for my Finns.

I’ve been gathering some drawings and even a paper model but spurred of a post in the Flames of War forum I’ve started the construction.

So far I’ve done the basic hull and the superstructure, I think it looks ok so far considering it is my first real scratch built tank.

A few pictures with it’s bigger brother the T-34 as comparision. It isn’t that much bigger so I hope I got my scales right….


Front view


45 degree view


Rear view

When i finally mange to get it ready, Battlefront will probably make an T-50 and include it in the Barbarossa book…

Current project list

Just to show you how unorganized I am, here’s a list of projects I’ve more or less started but not completed:

  • My MW/LW Finns – most infantry options are completed but a lot of support option remains unpainted.
  • EW/MW Winter Finns, I’ve started collecting some suitable miniatures and hope the BF will add some more when Barbarossa comes out.
  • A couple of objectives for my Finns, including a BT-43 and a remake of the wrecked T-34 on the Ihantala road.
  • A 1942 Fall Blau SS Wiking Panzergrenadier list.
  • EW/MW Greatcoat German grenadiers on frosty city bases.
  • Scratch-built T-50 light tank for my Finns based on a paper model.
  • Conversions of 3 Panzer II Ausf Ds to Marder II Sdkfz 132s for my Wiking project.
  • A Wiking Panther list, sine I’ve collected so much Wiking books I have tons on info on them and Panthers has always been a favourite of mine, I even got myself a motorized 1:16 Panther model in my early teens.
  • A StuG Abteilung with Begleits.
  • I had to buy a Sperrverband box since it was discontinued.and I really like the figures. 
    (Pity almost all of my potential LW EF German lists been nerfed somewhat with Grey Wolf…)
  •  MW/LW commandos, I’ve already done a lot of head swaps to get some beanies mixed in with the  berets.
  • I still plan to get a Sapper company box to compensate for all the axis stuff and because they are way cool, both model and rules wise.
    I also recollect the answer of a pair of sappers the Finns managed to capture on the questions on why they kept advancing  into HMG fire; “The guard sappers don’t retreat, they advance!”
    The new hero miniature also adds fuel to my desire.
  • A lot of half-finished terrain projects.
  • An EW SS list, I’m torn between a Kradschutzen (but not looking forward to do 20+ MC-bases) and a more standard grenadier list.

I probably have a few more half-forgotten projects I forgot to mention, and I won’t mention that I’m very close to buying some DBA armies in 10mm…

Sturmi camouflage tried out

At last I have actually finished a tank! And it’s even painted with hard-edge camo, it’s not perfect but I learned a lot, so hopefully there will be more of them in a not to distant future, I’m mainly waiting for The Plastic Soldier Company to release their StuG IIIs to re-sellers (to get 10% off, yes I’m a cheapskate).

Here are some pictures, but of course they suck, I actually have a new lighting setup but I haven’t had the time or space to test it out…

Some details, a Battlefront StuG IIIG “finnified“by me and painted with Lifecolor Airbrush paints, with some GW Badab Black added on top, and decals by Doms Decals. I also tried to add some weathering using Tamiya powders with limited success.

Going east

Speaking of deviations, here is another one, East front Germans, but not my 1942 Fall Blau 5th SS project, but Frontschwein in greatcoats, most likely for EW Barbarossa siege of Leningrad but they will probably also be suitable for MW Stalingrad.

I’ll base them on frosty early winter urban bases.

I’m using a mix of Command Decision, Peter Pig and Battlefront miniatures which mix quite well in these ranges.

Some german riflemen in greatcoats, primed grey.

Watch this space for maybe some more,  if I don’t get carried away again, and start another project…

Over the hills…

As always, I never seem to finish a project before jumping on the next, so here is my recent deviation; hills.

Enjoy this sort of step by step instruction (excuse the somewhat blurry pictures though.):

Shape the EPS sheets roughly, don't worry about the rough surface.

The material is 20mm sheets of extruded polystyrene foam roughly cut into shape and glued together.

I’m using an Japanese razor pull saw for this, but any saw or rough file would probably work since the surface finish doesn’t matter.

As you may notice this makes quite  an mess, especially since the polystyrene gets static and sticks to everything…

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Basing continued…

Part two of a guide over my current basing method, last I showed the advantages of light weight spackle, now I’ll just round up with some finishing touches.

This shows the base after the paint/spacle mixture has dried, I'm also dryfitting the PaK 38/97. I actually did this as the spackle was half dried so I got some depressions from the wheels on the base.

As you may notice the bases of the figures shows slightly, this is because I added a bit to much water to the mixture so it actually shrunk a bit…

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Yet another basing method

I have tried a few different ways of doing my bases so I would like to show you the way I prefer at the moment.

This first part deals with the basic ground to which different types of  materials can be added depending on the type of terrain that is emulated, but it works fine uncovered for deserts and similar grounds

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of bases showing the groundwork under the flock right now...

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