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Plasticard adventures

Another one of my projects is to try to scratch build a T-50 “Pikkusotka” tank for my Finns.

I’ve been gathering some drawings and even a paper model but spurred of a post in the Flames of War forum I’ve started the construction.

So far I’ve done the basic hull and the superstructure, I think it looks ok so far considering it is my first real scratch built tank.

A few pictures with it’s bigger brother the T-34 as comparision. It isn’t that much bigger so I hope I got my scales right….


Front view


45 degree view


Rear view

When i finally mange to get it ready, Battlefront will probably make an T-50 and include it in the Barbarossa book…


StuGs galore…

StuGs (and a PzIV)

It’s been quiet on the blog but I have actually managed to produce some StuGs!

Well up to the point of getting them painted at least, this will, together with my earlier StuGs and another box of The Plastic Soldier Company StuGs, become a Sturmi Company and a StuG battery.

There is also a box of PSC PZIVF1s that will form the heavy 3rd company of my 1942 Wiking Panzer Abteilung and lastly a Panther Panzerkanone that soon will be joined by a box of comrades to become the backbone of a Wiking Panther company.

So yes, I’ve been spending and adding up to the pile of tin, lead and plastic that crowds my working space.
And no, I still havn’t learnt how to organise and prioritize my modelling and painting…

More painted Sturmis

A quick post showing my progress with the Sturmikomppania, I’m getting the hang of it somewhat and I even managed to put the decals on with the right side up!

I also tried my light box for the first time so the pictures has improved somewhat, but I need to play around with the ISO setting of my camera or add more light to get rid of the graininess.

For further progress I need to await some reinforcements from the Plastic Soldier Company, but then they will have to compete with my cravings for a German StuG battery, but I think there will be StuGs enough for everyone…

I’ll try to throw in a quick review when they arrive.

Going east

Speaking of deviations, here is another one, East front Germans, but not my 1942 Fall Blau 5th SS project, but Frontschwein in greatcoats, most likely for EW Barbarossa siege of Leningrad but they will probably also be suitable for MW Stalingrad.

I’ll base them on frosty early winter urban bases.

I’m using a mix of Command Decision, Peter Pig and Battlefront miniatures which mix quite well in these ranges.

Some german riflemen in greatcoats, primed grey.

Watch this space for maybe some more,  if I don’t get carried away again, and start another project…

Quick Forged in Battle review

I’m working a bit on a MW 5th SS Panzergrenadier list so I’m currently struggling with painting planetree camo on Battlefronts excellent MW SS figures.

But since that range is somewhat limited (to only one panzergrenadier platoon blister in fact), I’ve been looking around for some alternatives and found FiBs SS range.

So here are some notes and photos of what they have to offer.

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