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1st Division Armoured Detachment

The first Infantry division operated its own Armoured detachment during the attack phase in 1941 of the Continuation War.

Some information on the detachment found at Axis History Forum:

The  Armoured Detachment had two platoons – Tank Platoon (lead by Second Lieutenant Lauri Törni) and Armoured Car Platoon. Apparently Tank Platoon started with two captured T-26C (T-26 m 1938) tanks captured in August of 1941 and received one captured T-28 tank presumably in late August. October of 1941 Armoured Detachment traded this T-28 with Tank Battalion (Panssaripataljoona) receiving two captured BT-5 tanks in exchange. Early November of 1941 all four tanks of Armoured Detachment were already in such a poor shape that they required complete overhaul (BT-5 tanks had to be towed off, T-26C tanks were apparently in slightly better shape) its Tank Platoon was disbanded and all four tanks handed over. The Armoured Car Platoon had three heavy captured Soviet armoured cars (BA-10 and possibly BA-6).

Some screenshots from “Jatkosodan katsaukset” of tanks with what seems like blue hakaristis, and probably belonging to the Armoured detachment:


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