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Warlord Games T-26E

Recently I received the new T-26E from Warlord Games which is quite a nice model with crisp details and very little flash or bubbles, it also assembles quickly, there are 4 resin pieces and 5 pewter ones.

However there is a major flaw with the turret hatches though, instead of a big round spilt hatch there are two smaller hatches instead, just like on the T-26 obr/39.  See Andreas Lärkas site for some references.

T-26E or upgunned Finnish Vickers 6 ton light tank

The Warlord Games Finnish T-26E asembled. The erroneous turret hatches are in clear view.

It was quite easy to fix with some plasticard though, and I also added a periscope and a protectional plate for the exhaust.

T-26E modified.

The T-26E with a scratch built hatch and scope.

As the rivet counter I am, I was very close to add some missing rivets too (mainly on the sides of the superstructure and on the top part of the turret), but wisely enough I skipped that.

I’m also a bit unsure on how well the rear engine deck compares to reality but I couldn’t find any good reference pictures so I left it as it except that I removed the “signal horn” (?) from there.

Next up I will try to paint it up and at the same time review Warlord Games Finnish decals.



SA-kuva website

SA-kuva website

Old news for some of you I guess, but me having limited internet access at the moment, makes me lag behind a bit.
But now it’s here at last, the Finnish defense force picture archive, 160000 digitized wartime pictures available at !
No more is needed to say, pop over there right away!

Plasticard adventures

Another one of my projects is to try to scratch build a T-50 “Pikkusotka” tank for my Finns.

I’ve been gathering some drawings and even a paper model but spurred of a post in the Flames of War forum I’ve started the construction.

So far I’ve done the basic hull and the superstructure, I think it looks ok so far considering it is my first real scratch built tank.

A few pictures with it’s bigger brother the T-34 as comparision. It isn’t that much bigger so I hope I got my scales right….


Front view


45 degree view


Rear view

When i finally mange to get it ready, Battlefront will probably make an T-50 and include it in the Barbarossa book…

More painted Sturmis

A quick post showing my progress with the Sturmikomppania, I’m getting the hang of it somewhat and I even managed to put the decals on with the right side up!

I also tried my light box for the first time so the pictures has improved somewhat, but I need to play around with the ISO setting of my camera or add more light to get rid of the graininess.

For further progress I need to await some reinforcements from the Plastic Soldier Company, but then they will have to compete with my cravings for a German StuG battery, but I think there will be StuGs enough for everyone…

I’ll try to throw in a quick review when they arrive.

Sturmi camouflage tried out

At last I have actually finished a tank! And it’s even painted with hard-edge camo, it’s not perfect but I learned a lot, so hopefully there will be more of them in a not to distant future, I’m mainly waiting for The Plastic Soldier Company to release their StuG IIIs to re-sellers (to get 10% off, yes I’m a cheapskate).

Here are some pictures, but of course they suck, I actually have a new lighting setup but I haven’t had the time or space to test it out…

Some details, a Battlefront StuG IIIG “finnified“by me and painted with Lifecolor Airbrush paints, with some GW Badab Black added on top, and decals by Doms Decals. I also tried to add some weathering using Tamiya powders with limited success.

Going east

Speaking of deviations, here is another one, East front Germans, but not my 1942 Fall Blau 5th SS project, but Frontschwein in greatcoats, most likely for EW Barbarossa siege of Leningrad but they will probably also be suitable for MW Stalingrad.

I’ll base them on frosty early winter urban bases.

I’m using a mix of Command Decision, Peter Pig and Battlefront miniatures which mix quite well in these ranges.

Some german riflemen in greatcoats, primed grey.

Watch this space for maybe some more,  if I don’t get carried away again, and start another project…

Everything about StuG IIIs…

Can be found in the book series from Muller History Facts that I just couldn’t resist buying, and I sure don’t regret my temptation, they are filled with useful information on the history and development of the StuGs including a gigantic double-sided poster with a spreadsheet detailing the various characteristics and changes made in the production run of the StuG III making it much easier identifying vehicles from photographs.

The books are of course brim filled with illustrations and photographs printed in high quality.

The two-part book is aptly named Sturmgeschütz III and is companioned by a  book series named “Vorwärts Immer, rückwärts nimmer!” which details the history of the different Sturmartillerie units, part one deals with the development of the first units and their fighting in France, the Balkans and the initial part of Operation Barbarossa.

Both series are highly recommended for stugophiles, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next part of the Sturmartillerie history.

Books, books, books…

Lately I’ve been spending money and time on books instead of  miniatures, these are the latest spoils:

Some research for my next army...

So coupled with my last spending spree I think I have most of the affordable books on the Wiking division.

If you are going to get one of these books on the 5th SS then I recommend the Klapdor book, It has just  been translated to English and should be readily available. My only complaint about it is the paper quality which makes the photo quality suffer.

Now I’m hopefully done buying books so that I can get back to painting instead…

Some busy nights in the basement…

…has resulted in a few more based platoons, and I even managed to bring the camera, but with low batteries the pictures turns out to dark, especially with my lousy lighting…

Of course they aren’t completely finished yet, there are some touch up still to do as well as marking the units and coating them and so on…

Well you should hopefully be able to see what the pictures are supposed to show.

Next endeavour

Some research material for (one of) my next armies

I treated myself with some books for christmas, a “few” books to get me started with one of my next armies, a fall of 1942 5th SS Div “Wiking” Panzergrenadier company.

The Finnish connection is of course obvious with the Finnish Volunteer battalion but it was the sheer contrast between the Panzer grey tanks and the camouflage smocks of the grenadiers that really drove me in, a bit of the opposite of the post 1943 Finnish forces.

I’ve just started to round up some miniatures but stay tuned for some random painting and modelling as usual.