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Plasticard adventures

Another one of my projects is to try to scratch build a T-50 “Pikkusotka” tank for my Finns.

I’ve been gathering some drawings and even a paper model but spurred of a post in the Flames of War forum I’ve started the construction.

So far I’ve done the basic hull and the superstructure, I think it looks ok so far considering it is my first real scratch built tank.

A few pictures with it’s bigger brother the T-34 as comparision. It isn’t that much bigger so I hope I got my scales right….


Front view


45 degree view


Rear view

When i finally mange to get it ready, Battlefront will probably make an T-50 and include it in the Barbarossa book…


Current project list

Just to show you how unorganized I am, here’s a list of projects I’ve more or less started but not completed:

  • My MW/LW Finns – most infantry options are completed but a lot of support option remains unpainted.
  • EW/MW Winter Finns, I’ve started collecting some suitable miniatures and hope the BF will add some more when Barbarossa comes out.
  • A couple of objectives for my Finns, including a BT-43 and a remake of the wrecked T-34 on the Ihantala road.
  • A 1942 Fall Blau SS Wiking Panzergrenadier list.
  • EW/MW Greatcoat German grenadiers on frosty city bases.
  • Scratch-built T-50 light tank for my Finns based on a paper model.
  • Conversions of 3 Panzer II Ausf Ds to Marder II Sdkfz 132s for my Wiking project.
  • A Wiking Panther list, sine I’ve collected so much Wiking books I have tons on info on them and Panthers has always been a favourite of mine, I even got myself a motorized 1:16 Panther model in my early teens.
  • A StuG Abteilung with Begleits.
  • I had to buy a Sperrverband box since it was discontinued.and I really like the figures. 
    (Pity almost all of my potential LW EF German lists been nerfed somewhat with Grey Wolf…)
  •  MW/LW commandos, I’ve already done a lot of head swaps to get some beanies mixed in with the  berets.
  • I still plan to get a Sapper company box to compensate for all the axis stuff and because they are way cool, both model and rules wise.
    I also recollect the answer of a pair of sappers the Finns managed to capture on the questions on why they kept advancing  into HMG fire; “The guard sappers don’t retreat, they advance!”
    The new hero miniature also adds fuel to my desire.
  • A lot of half-finished terrain projects.
  • An EW SS list, I’m torn between a Kradschutzen (but not looking forward to do 20+ MC-bases) and a more standard grenadier list.

I probably have a few more half-forgotten projects I forgot to mention, and I won’t mention that I’m very close to buying some DBA armies in 10mm…

Some random updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, here’s a small summary of some of the thing I’ve managed to do lately.

First batch of pine trees

The pine forest is slowly growing, this is the first batch of six, the second batch of 10 is underway.
Some additional work on the bases will be done later.







Minicraft Ju-88A4 WIP

My air support is taking shape, I’ve even managed to try them out, they did well, accounting for 4 IS2s if I recall correctly. The are still lacking the Eastern Front yellow stripes and I need to get some 1/144 Finnish national insignia, the only source of these I’ve found is True North Miniatures, anyone have any other sources?

Flying bases WIP

To support my air support I did some basic flying bases, a 6mm plexiglas rod screwed and glued to a 50mm MDF disc, and then crowned with a small rare earth magnet.
They work fine and I’ll add some grass and stuff to them later. (As usual…)

Legions East Winter Finns

As Early War approaches rapidly I’ve been looking at a Finnish EW list. The Barbarossa book won’t be here for quite a while and the Finns aren’t guaranteed to be in it, but sooner or later (probably later…) there will be some official list out there I hope.

Winter War, Reindeer patrol in Jäniskoski near Petsamo 20th Feb. 1940

As there probably won’t be any new BF Finns I’ve started to look at alternatives and as far as I know there is two manufacturers with this range, Resistant Roosters and Legions East. I’ve sampled both manufacturers “Summer Finns” but I wasn’t that impressed with any of them.

RRs range is in many cases more like 18mm than 15mm and have even more oversized heads and hands than BFs older, “large” range, and they are decked out in out in huge backpacks and other gear.  And their winter range is basically the same as there summer range but with even bigger winter head gear. The positive about the range though is that they are reasonably priced and that there are a lot of different (but stiff) poses.

LEs range was more promising but suffered from som scale issues, the feet were tiny and their arms often way to long, but there were some nice models along them, my guess is that the bad ones are among the  sculptors first miniatures and the nice one are the ones made later when the sculptor got the hang of limbs and stuff.

So, since the LE winter range is newer than the Summer range, and I actually manage to find a few pictures of them on the web, I ordered one of each pack to sample them.

So here follows a review of the packs available at their homepage.

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Karelian maps

1:20000 map over Ihantala1:20000 map over Ihantala

A nice resource for maps is this site where you can find over 500MBs of wartime maps of Karelia down to quite detailed 1:20000 maps like the one above.  (Unfortunately it seems to be down right now but hopefully it will come back up again soon.)  *Edit* Seems to be back up now! */Edit*

My plan is to base some terrain tiles on these maps. 

I mentioned earlier a nice site for maps and photos of Karelia, another good one is