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Warlord Games T-26E

Recently I received the new T-26E from Warlord Games which is quite a nice model with crisp details and very little flash or bubbles, it also assembles quickly, there are 4 resin pieces and 5 pewter ones.

However there is a major flaw with the turret hatches though, instead of a big round spilt hatch there are two smaller hatches instead, just like on the T-26 obr/39.  See Andreas Lärkas site for some references.

T-26E or upgunned Finnish Vickers 6 ton light tank

The Warlord Games Finnish T-26E asembled. The erroneous turret hatches are in clear view.

It was quite easy to fix with some plasticard though, and I also added a periscope and a protectional plate for the exhaust.

T-26E modified.

The T-26E with a scratch built hatch and scope.

As the rivet counter I am, I was very close to add some missing rivets too (mainly on the sides of the superstructure and on the top part of the turret), but wisely enough I skipped that.

I’m also a bit unsure on how well the rear engine deck compares to reality but I couldn’t find any good reference pictures so I left it as it except that I removed the “signal horn” (?) from there.

Next up I will try to paint it up and at the same time review Warlord Games Finnish decals.


Going east

Speaking of deviations, here is another one, East front Germans, but not my 1942 Fall Blau 5th SS project, but Frontschwein in greatcoats, most likely for EW Barbarossa siege of Leningrad but they will probably also be suitable for MW Stalingrad.

I’ll base them on frosty early winter urban bases.

I’m using a mix of Command Decision, Peter Pig and Battlefront miniatures which mix quite well in these ranges.

Some german riflemen in greatcoats, primed grey.

Watch this space for maybe some more,  if I don’t get carried away again, and start another project…

Basing continued…

Part two of a guide over my current basing method, last I showed the advantages of light weight spackle, now I’ll just round up with some finishing touches.

This shows the base after the paint/spacle mixture has dried, I'm also dryfitting the PaK 38/97. I actually did this as the spackle was half dried so I got some depressions from the wheels on the base.

As you may notice the bases of the figures shows slightly, this is because I added a bit to much water to the mixture so it actually shrunk a bit…

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Yet another basing method

I have tried a few different ways of doing my bases so I would like to show you the way I prefer at the moment.

This first part deals with the basic ground to which different types of  materials can be added depending on the type of terrain that is emulated, but it works fine uncovered for deserts and similar grounds

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of bases showing the groundwork under the flock right now...

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Quick Forged in Battle review

I’m working a bit on a MW 5th SS Panzergrenadier list so I’m currently struggling with painting planetree camo on Battlefronts excellent MW SS figures.

But since that range is somewhat limited (to only one panzergrenadier platoon blister in fact), I’ve been looking around for some alternatives and found FiBs SS range.

So here are some notes and photos of what they have to offer.

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Recommended products

My new air compressor and my cheapo airbrush.

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve mostly been painting infantry models since I’ve found painting vehicles too tedious and slow, and also the end-result hasn’t been that satisfying.

So I got my act together and got myself a cheap air compressor (I’ve actually owned a cheapo airbrush for years).

The result is fantastic, I’ve primered over a dozen vehicles in a few hours, and then base-coated them the next evening.

Not only is that way faster than any painting I’ve done before the result is great even thou I spent less than 800 SEK (~80€) on the setup, the secret lies probably in the products I’m using, Vallejos Acrylic Poliurethan primer and Lifecolor Acrylic Paints.

Both are highly recommended and worked fine for me poured directly into the airbrush.

The Lifecolor series has a great range with several special sets with colors (even a set with Finnish WW2 Armor colors!) and color matching many  FS and RAL codes.

I will probably get myself an Iwata airbrush eventually but it’s amazing what you can do with even a cheap airbrush as long as you can adjust the air pressure to match what you are painting.

The only drawback is cleaning the airbrush between color and at the end of your session but In my opinion  it’s nothing compared to painting vehicles with a brush…

So you will probably see quite a lot of increase in my vehicle production and you will maybe even see a part three of my “Sturmi pimping” posts.

A quick base-coat with Lifecolor RAL 7021.

Highlight on lighting

Standard 60W Bulb

I’ve been blaming the lack of quality of my pictures on the lack of good lighting so I went ahead and got myself a Daylight Spotlight and did some comparisons.

Below are two unedited (except some cropping and scaling) pictures of the difference between a standard 60W bulb and the Spotlight.
The pictures were taken in macro mode against a white paper with just the ambient light of the room in addition to the lamp.

23W Daylight Spotlight

Not much difference except the quite strong blue tint with the later, I’ll see if I can compensate this somehow with my camera in the future.

But when photographing white objects there was a great difference, I managed to get a much  better contrast on my Aerosan objective then before even if the colors seem to be a bit off.

DL spotlight and some color adjustment

I also took some pictures of a painted infantry stand, but then the batteries of my camera emptied so I had to stop there.
Actually the battery level seems to affect the quality of my pictures so I’ll do some more tests with fresh batteries later.

I’ll also try to take some proper daylight pictures (i.e. outside) now that the sun has returned even here in Ultima Thule…

All mistakes are made painfully visible by the Macro and the Daylight Spotlight

More progress pictures.

A few more pictures of my army, sorry about the poor light, I’ve got some plans for a lightbox and some proper lighting though, but that means I have to retake all shots…

Some busy nights in the basement…

…has resulted in a few more based platoons, and I even managed to bring the camera, but with low batteries the pictures turns out to dark, especially with my lousy lighting…

Of course they aren’t completely finished yet, there are some touch up still to do as well as marking the units and coating them and so on…

Well you should hopefully be able to see what the pictures are supposed to show.

Back to basing…

I’ve haven’t yet finished a single base of my jalkaväki force since I couldn’t decide on how to make them look like they were moving through a pine or fir tree forest.

Finally I basically just mixed together all types of flock, static grass, turf and stuff I had collected and tried it out.

A few bases with my homemade coniferous forest floor litter.


I actually think it turned out quite well, but I think I need to increase the number of tree stumps and stones for the real thick foresty look.

Well I have probably a hundred of bases still to complete but I can try to make a rundown of the materials used later.