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SA-kuva website

SA-kuva website

Old news for some of you I guess, but me having limited internet access at the moment, makes me lag behind a bit.
But now it’s here at last, the Finnish defense force picture archive, 160000 digitized wartime pictures available at !
No more is needed to say, pop over there right away!


More painted Sturmis

A quick post showing my progress with the Sturmikomppania, I’m getting the hang of it somewhat and I even managed to put the decals on with the right side up!

I also tried my light box for the first time so the pictures has improved somewhat, but I need to play around with the ISO setting of my camera or add more light to get rid of the graininess.

For further progress I need to await some reinforcements from the Plastic Soldier Company, but then they will have to compete with my cravings for a German StuG battery, but I think there will be StuGs enough for everyone…

I’ll try to throw in a quick review when they arrive.

More progress pictures.

A few more pictures of my army, sorry about the poor light, I’ve got some plans for a lightbox and some proper lighting though, but that means I have to retake all shots…

Some busy nights in the basement…

…has resulted in a few more based platoons, and I even managed to bring the camera, but with low batteries the pictures turns out to dark, especially with my lousy lighting…

Of course they aren’t completely finished yet, there are some touch up still to do as well as marking the units and coating them and so on…

Well you should hopefully be able to see what the pictures are supposed to show.

Some random updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, here’s a small summary of some of the thing I’ve managed to do lately.

First batch of pine trees

The pine forest is slowly growing, this is the first batch of six, the second batch of 10 is underway.
Some additional work on the bases will be done later.







Minicraft Ju-88A4 WIP

My air support is taking shape, I’ve even managed to try them out, they did well, accounting for 4 IS2s if I recall correctly. The are still lacking the Eastern Front yellow stripes and I need to get some 1/144 Finnish national insignia, the only source of these I’ve found is True North Miniatures, anyone have any other sources?

Flying bases WIP

To support my air support I did some basic flying bases, a 6mm plexiglas rod screwed and glued to a 50mm MDF disc, and then crowned with a small rare earth magnet.
They work fine and I’ll add some grass and stuff to them later. (As usual…)

Air Power

In the LW Finnish list there are two Air support options, both with the same stats, Ju87 Stukas or Ju88s. The first represents the Battle Squadron Kuhlmey and the latter the Finnish Lentolaivue 44.

The easiest and cheapest way to represent the Ju88s in FoW is buy buying 3 of the Minicraft 1/144 Kits quite recently released.

I got the kits for $9.20 a piece and the US retailer even marked up the parcel as a “gift” and at half the retail price without me even asking, probably saving me about $15 in taxes and other fees.

The kits are said to contain Finnish markings on some webpages but the kits I got only had Hungarian and German decals, so I need to order some Finnish “hakaristis” from True North Miniatures.

Other than that they are nice kits and I’ll show them when they are assembled and painted up and ready to bomb some Soviet tanks.

Minicraft 1/144 Ju-88

Karhumäki train station

I mentioned before that I would like to make some Karelian terrain and that I’d like to do a train station.

As I’ve searched for pictures I have come to conclusion that one of the most photographed station is the one in Karhumäki (Medvezhegorsk), so I’ve started making a model by first making a Google SketchUp model of the building.

This is my first project in SketchUp and I must say its pretty fun, I’m not claiming this to be an 100% correct representation but it’s pretty close.

I’m going to make it a bit smaller than in reality since it would take up a third of a table in the correct 1/100 dimensions.

Karhumäki train station Google SketchUp WIP

Karhumäki train station in 1942(?) (Picture from

Some air support

QRF Fiat G.50 in finnish colors

I recently finished a  1/100 Fiat G.50 from QFR.

It’s in fictive markings.

The QRF G.50 is of the closed cockpit type so I have sawed up it and added a Peter Pig “Soviet tank crew” head.

I still need to get some flying bases.

Aerosan progress

Front view

Some progress shots of my NKL-26 Aerosan objective.

Theres some cleaning up to do, adding the gunner and of course adding snow to the base but otherwise its kinda finished.

I used black wash on the SMG men and the aerosan itself, as I feared it gave the vehicle a kind of dirty look but it corresponds quite well with the black & white photos I managed to find. (Se my first post.)

Rear view

Left hand view

Right hand view

Aerosan NKL-26 objective

Soviet NKL-26s assaulting, my inspiration for the objective

Inspired by this famous picture of infantry hitching a ride on a couple of NKL-26 aerosans, I’ve began working on an objective using QRFs NKL-26 model and a few soviet scout models.

This coincides nicely with a small painting/modelling competition the miniatures forum is having, where the task is making an objective on the theme “perseverance”.

This objective will naturally feature an aerosan “liberated” by the Finns…

Captured Finnish NKL-26

Below is the first test-fitting of the “aerosanodesantniki”…

Dry-fitting with the bases removed

I also added a few details to the aerosan, mainly steering rods and the “tip protection” rods for the propeller.

Some details added to the QRF NKL-26

I’ve also greenstuffed some hoods for the riders, I’ll also add a fur collar for the gunner.

Greenstuffed hoods on the scouts.