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Slow but busy…

Not much happening here unfortunately, I can blame it on having a baby, changing job, moving and renovating, but in reality getting hooked up on World of Tanks is my main distraction, but hopefully I’ll get back to the fold soon.

Viking Summer But at least I haven’t added to my lead mountain that much, but I have kept stacking up on books, most recently “Viking Summer: 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland”, an excellent little book on the vehicles involved in the 1944 fighting, with a lot of color profiles and photos.

This year and the next ones is filled with new book-releases on the 5th SS.

A part from the afore-mentioned 3-part series by Charles Trang (the first part is available for preorder with a scheduled release date of december 19th), Marc Rikmenspoel has an upcoming two-part series under the working title “Sunwheels & Siegrunen: Wiking, Nordland, Nederland and the Germanic Waffen-SS in Photos” that will feature around 1400 photos.

Also in Mark C. Yerger’s series on “German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police” the next two volumes (7 & 8) will be on the Wiking division, hopefully getting at least one volume out this year.

Hitlers SwedesAnd lastly Lars T. Larsson’s book “Hitler’s Swedes” should be published on June 1st.

Hopefully this will be it on Wiking related stuff, otherwise I won’t have any money left to spend on miniatures!


A long, long time ago…

…since I posted on my blog, apologies for that, but sometimes life get in the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit more regularly now.

As always I have a lot of unfinished projects to share, the most current is the Soviet Engineer sappers I’m waiting on to arrive.

Since I’m very much into on the visual aspect of  building armies and like to fiddle around, my plan is to mate some Battlefront Engineer-Sappers with the Plastic Soldier Company  Soviet Heavy Weapons box to have HMG and Mortar crews with body armour. This is probably not historically accurate but I want them to blend in visually.
Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off, but right now I’m still waiting for my toys.

Charles Trangs upcoming Wiking books

Speaking of waiting, I’m very eagerly awaiting on the upcoming  3-part book series on the 5th SS Wiking division from Editions Heimdal written by Charles Trang. I’ll have to be patient until December 2015 for the complete series though, since they will be released annually starting with part one in December 2013…
But at least Santa knows what to bring for Christmas the next couple of years.

Everything about StuG IIIs…

Can be found in the book series from Muller History Facts that I just couldn’t resist buying, and I sure don’t regret my temptation, they are filled with useful information on the history and development of the StuGs including a gigantic double-sided poster with a spreadsheet detailing the various characteristics and changes made in the production run of the StuG III making it much easier identifying vehicles from photographs.

The books are of course brim filled with illustrations and photographs printed in high quality.

The two-part book is aptly named Sturmgeschütz III and is companioned by a  book series named “Vorwärts Immer, rückwärts nimmer!” which details the history of the different Sturmartillerie units, part one deals with the development of the first units and their fighting in France, the Balkans and the initial part of Operation Barbarossa.

Both series are highly recommended for stugophiles, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next part of the Sturmartillerie history.

Books, books, books…

Lately I’ve been spending money and time on books instead of  miniatures, these are the latest spoils:

Some research for my next army...

So coupled with my last spending spree I think I have most of the affordable books on the Wiking division.

If you are going to get one of these books on the 5th SS then I recommend the Klapdor book, It has just  been translated to English and should be readily available. My only complaint about it is the paper quality which makes the photo quality suffer.

Now I’m hopefully done buying books so that I can get back to painting instead…

Next endeavour

Some research material for (one of) my next armies

I treated myself with some books for christmas, a “few” books to get me started with one of my next armies, a fall of 1942 5th SS Div “Wiking” Panzergrenadier company.

The Finnish connection is of course obvious with the Finnish Volunteer battalion but it was the sheer contrast between the Panzer grey tanks and the camouflage smocks of the grenadiers that really drove me in, a bit of the opposite of the post 1943 Finnish forces.

I’ve just started to round up some miniatures but stay tuned for some random painting and modelling as usual.