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Warlord Games T-26E

Recently I received the new T-26E from Warlord Games which is quite a nice model with crisp details and very little flash or bubbles, it also assembles quickly, there are 4 resin pieces and 5 pewter ones.

However there is a major flaw with the turret hatches though, instead of a big round spilt hatch there are two smaller hatches instead, just like on the T-26 obr/39.  See Andreas Lärkas site for some references.

T-26E or upgunned Finnish Vickers 6 ton light tank

The Warlord Games Finnish T-26E asembled. The erroneous turret hatches are in clear view.

It was quite easy to fix with some plasticard though, and I also added a periscope and a protectional plate for the exhaust.

T-26E modified.

The T-26E with a scratch built hatch and scope.

As the rivet counter I am, I was very close to add some missing rivets too (mainly on the sides of the superstructure and on the top part of the turret), but wisely enough I skipped that.

I’m also a bit unsure on how well the rear engine deck compares to reality but I couldn’t find any good reference pictures so I left it as it except that I removed the “signal horn” (?) from there.

Next up I will try to paint it up and at the same time review Warlord Games Finnish decals.


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