[lead poisoning]

Cobwebs and dust…

Hello anybody here?

Where did all this dust come from?…

Well, let’s see if I can start posting again, I won’t promise any regular posts but I’ll se if I can post a review or two on resent purchases and stuff at least.

Because as usual I’ve been side-tracked, this time by a certain Winter War Kickstarter that is adding on to my unpainted lead-pile.

Hopefully I can find some opponents for Chain of Command or Bolt Action, but in the mean time I will collect and hopefully paint some 28mm for a change, of course there are millions of unfinished 15mm projects that hopefully can get some attention too.



One response to “Cobwebs and dust…

  1. Kitnoob April 10, 2014 at 13:24

    Nice to have you back! Interesting to see you are considering Bolt Action as I have just started getting in to that as well (for my 1/72 Continuation War models and figures though).

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