[lead poisoning]

Slow but busy…

Not much happening here unfortunately, I can blame it on having a baby, changing job, moving and renovating, but in reality getting hooked up on World of Tanks is my main distraction, but hopefully I’ll get back to the fold soon.

Viking Summer But at least I haven’t added to my lead mountain that much, but I have kept stacking up on books, most recently “Viking Summer: 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland”, an excellent little book on the vehicles involved in the 1944 fighting, with a lot of color profiles and photos.

This year and the next ones is filled with new book-releases on the 5th SS.

A part from the afore-mentioned 3-part series by Charles Trang (the first part is available for preorder with a scheduled release date of december 19th), Marc Rikmenspoel has an upcoming two-part series under the working title “Sunwheels & Siegrunen: Wiking, Nordland, Nederland and the Germanic Waffen-SS in Photos” that will feature around 1400 photos.

Also in Mark C. Yerger’s series on “German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police” the next two volumes (7 & 8) will be on the Wiking division, hopefully getting at least one volume out this year.

Hitlers SwedesAnd lastly Lars T. Larsson’s book “Hitler’s Swedes” should be published on June 1st.

Hopefully this will be it on Wiking related stuff, otherwise I won’t have any money left to spend on miniatures!


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