[lead poisoning]

StuGs galore…

StuGs (and a PzIV)

It’s been quiet on the blog but I have actually managed to produce some StuGs!

Well up to the point of getting them painted at least, this will, together with my earlier StuGs and another box of The Plastic Soldier Company StuGs, become a Sturmi Company and a StuG battery.

There is also a box of PSC PZIVF1s that will form the heavy 3rd company of my 1942 Wiking Panzer Abteilung and lastly a Panther Panzerkanone that soon will be joined by a box of comrades to become the backbone of a Wiking Panther company.

So yes, I’ve been spending and adding up to the pile of tin, lead and plastic that crowds my working space.
And no, I still havn’t learnt how to organise and prioritize my modelling and painting…


2 responses to “StuGs galore…

  1. Justin March 8, 2012 at 00:10

    Does your wife, gf, partner, mum know? 🙂

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