[lead poisoning]

Over the hills…

As always, I never seem to finish a project before jumping on the next, so here is my recent deviation; hills.

Enjoy this sort of step by step instruction (excuse the somewhat blurry pictures though.):

Shape the EPS sheets roughly, don't worry about the rough surface.

The material is 20mm sheets of extruded polystyrene foam roughly cut into shape and glued together.

I’m using an Japanese razor pull saw for this, but any saw or rough file would probably work since the surface finish doesn’t matter.

As you may notice this makes quite  an mess, especially since the polystyrene gets static and sticks to everything…

Fine tune the shape of the hill after the glue has dried.

I try to avoid the hills looking to step-like, although this is probably better in an pure game aspect.

Hit the hills gently with a heat gun. This smooths out the rough surface and "hardens" it. A well ventilated work space is probably a good idea.

This is my brilliant idea on how to even out the surface, although everybody else has probably discovered this a long tine ago.

The areas between the layers needs a bit of smoothing out with some filler because of the heat gun melting away the thinner areas.

Some filler is needed between the layers though.

Right now I am at this stage, I've covered the surface with my spackle/water/paint mix and sprinkled fine sand over it.

The hills in their current shape, about two evenings worth of work.


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