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Everything about StuG IIIs…

Can be found in the book series from Muller History Facts that I just couldn’t resist buying, and I sure don’t regret my temptation, they are filled with useful information on the history and development of the StuGs including a gigantic double-sided poster with a spreadsheet detailing the various characteristics and changes made in the production run of the StuG III making it much easier identifying vehicles from photographs.

The books are of course brim filled with illustrations and photographs printed in high quality.

The two-part book is aptly named Sturmgeschütz III and is companioned by a  book series named “Vorwärts Immer, rückwärts nimmer!” which details the history of the different Sturmartillerie units, part one deals with the development of the first units and their fighting in France, the Balkans and the initial part of Operation Barbarossa.

Both series are highly recommended for stugophiles, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next part of the Sturmartillerie history.


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