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My new air compressor and my cheapo airbrush.

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve mostly been painting infantry models since I’ve found painting vehicles too tedious and slow, and also the end-result hasn’t been that satisfying.

So I got my act together and got myself a cheap air compressor (I’ve actually owned a cheapo airbrush for years).

The result is fantastic, I’ve primered over a dozen vehicles in a few hours, and then base-coated them the next evening.

Not only is that way faster than any painting I’ve done before the result is great even thou I spent less than 800 SEK (~80€) on the setup, the secret lies probably in the products I’m using, Vallejos Acrylic Poliurethan primer and Lifecolor Acrylic Paints.

Both are highly recommended and worked fine for me poured directly into the airbrush.

The Lifecolor series has a great range with several special sets with colors (even a set with Finnish WW2 Armor colors!) and color matching many  FS and RAL codes.

I will probably get myself an Iwata airbrush eventually but it’s amazing what you can do with even a cheap airbrush as long as you can adjust the air pressure to match what you are painting.

The only drawback is cleaning the airbrush between color and at the end of your session but In my opinion  it’s nothing compared to painting vehicles with a brush…

So you will probably see quite a lot of increase in my vehicle production and you will maybe even see a part three of my “Sturmi pimping” posts.

A quick base-coat with Lifecolor RAL 7021.


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