[lead poisoning]

Highlight on lighting

Standard 60W Bulb

I’ve been blaming the lack of quality of my pictures on the lack of good lighting so I went ahead and got myself a Daylight Spotlight and did some comparisons.

Below are two unedited (except some cropping and scaling) pictures of the difference between a standard 60W bulb and the Spotlight.
The pictures were taken in macro mode against a white paper with just the ambient light of the room in addition to the lamp.

23W Daylight Spotlight

Not much difference except the quite strong blue tint with the later, I’ll see if I can compensate this somehow with my camera in the future.

But when photographing white objects there was a great difference, I managed to get a much  better contrast on my Aerosan objective then before even if the colors seem to be a bit off.

DL spotlight and some color adjustment

I also took some pictures of a painted infantry stand, but then the batteries of my camera emptied so I had to stop there.
Actually the battery level seems to affect the quality of my pictures so I’ll do some more tests with fresh batteries later.

I’ll also try to take some proper daylight pictures (i.e. outside) now that the sun has returned even here in Ultima Thule…

All mistakes are made painfully visible by the Macro and the Daylight Spotlight


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