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Some random updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, here’s a small summary of some of the thing I’ve managed to do lately.

First batch of pine trees

The pine forest is slowly growing, this is the first batch of six, the second batch of 10 is underway.
Some additional work on the bases will be done later.







Minicraft Ju-88A4 WIP

My air support is taking shape, I’ve even managed to try them out, they did well, accounting for 4 IS2s if I recall correctly. The are still lacking the Eastern Front yellow stripes and I need to get some 1/144 Finnish national insignia, the only source of these I’ve found is True North Miniatures, anyone have any other sources?

Flying bases WIP

To support my air support I did some basic flying bases, a 6mm plexiglas rod screwed and glued to a 50mm MDF disc, and then crowned with a small rare earth magnet.
They work fine and I’ll add some grass and stuff to them later. (As usual…)


One response to “Some random updates

  1. Susilinna December 8, 2010 at 03:35

    i-94 enterprises makes some 1/144 finnish decals. I just ordered some from ebay, no all I need is the planes.. 🙂

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