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Air Power

In the LW Finnish list there are two Air support options, both with the same stats, Ju87 Stukas or Ju88s. The first represents the Battle Squadron Kuhlmey and the latter the Finnish Lentolaivue 44.

The easiest and cheapest way to represent the Ju88s in FoW is buy buying 3 of the Minicraft 1/144 Kits quite recently released.

I got the kits for $9.20 a piece and the US retailer even marked up the parcel as a “gift” and at half the retail price without me even asking, probably saving me about $15 in taxes and other fees.

The kits are said to contain Finnish markings on some webpages but the kits I got only had Hungarian and German decals, so I need to order some Finnish “hakaristis” from True North Miniatures.

Other than that they are nice kits and I’ll show them when they are assembled and painted up and ready to bomb some Soviet tanks.

Minicraft 1/144 Ju-88


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