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Aerosan objective (somewhat) finished

My aerosan objective is finished, I’m not too happy about the snow because the aerosan looks more snowed in than flying over it in high speed but I guess that thats kinda hard to achieve in small scale modelling…

Also I really need to build myself a lightbox, I had problems touching up the exposure, it seems to be harder when photographing white objects .


3 responses to “Aerosan objective (somewhat) finished

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  2. Mark Fry August 16, 2011 at 12:07

    Outstanding (& in 15mm) – I am very impressed.
    Is this completely scratch built or does a manufacturer do 15mm model Aerosans?
    I can find 28/25mm ones and I think somebody did a really nice metal 20mm range a while back bit I’m struggling to find a 15mm version (1/300th I have already from Davco).

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