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Aerosan NKL-26 objective

Soviet NKL-26s assaulting, my inspiration for the objective

Inspired by this famous picture of infantry hitching a ride on a couple of NKL-26 aerosans, I’ve began working on an objective using QRFs NKL-26 model and a few soviet scout models.

This coincides nicely with a small painting/modelling competition the miniatures forum is having, where the task is making an objective on the theme “perseverance”.

This objective will naturally feature an aerosan “liberated” by the Finns…

Captured Finnish NKL-26

Below is the first test-fitting of the “aerosanodesantniki”…

Dry-fitting with the bases removed

I also added a few details to the aerosan, mainly steering rods and the “tip protection” rods for the propeller.

Some details added to the QRF NKL-26

I’ve also greenstuffed some hoods for the riders, I’ll also add a fur collar for the gunner.

Greenstuffed hoods on the scouts.


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