[lead poisoning]

New recruits through bootcamp

I have converted/painted up a few of the Soviet sailors, I think they blend in quite nicely with the rest of my Finns.

DP-27 LMG gunners

DP M/27 LMG gunners

So far I have only converted some SMG and LMG gunners, those are most in need right now.

Their tunics are a bit shorter and their trousers a bit longer then the average Battlefront Finn, but it beats having only two poses for SMGs and one for the LMGs…

Also the DP M/27 was the most numerous LMG used by the Finns, with 8400 of them captured during the war compared to the less then 5000 manufactured Lahti-Saloranta M/26.

SMG gunners

SMG gunners


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