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Sturmi conversion

Since I’ve started my second Sturmi I figured that I could do a step-for-step guide for the conversions needed.

Materials/tools used:

  • A Battlefront GE123 StuG IIIG
  • Some 0,75mm styrene rod
  • Some 0,5mm styrene sheet strips
  • A sharp hobby-knife
  • Some superglue
  • Some thin brass-sheet
  • Thin wire
The original StuG resin hull.

The original StuG resin hull.

This conversion is for early summer 1944, logs and other hull reinforcements where made later.

Ok what needs to be done to upgrade the standard StuG to a glorious Sturmi?

  1. Using a sharp knife carve away the reinforcement wedge in front of the commander cupola. Resin chips of easily, use this to you advantage.
  2. Cut of the spare road wheels carefully from the rear hull. They tend to snap of and fly a couple of meters so be ready to look where they land! Don’t worry so much for the marks left after the road-wheels, this area will be covered by a stowage box.
  3. Clean the hull from any residues and prepare it by removing flash and so on.
  4. Glue the road wheels to each side of the superstructure. If you cant find them, then there are spare road-wheels included in the German stowage pack from Battlefront.
  5. Cut the styrene rod into thin (approx. 0.5mm) slices, you will need 24 of these, but since they are tiny you better cut up a few extras. Glue them to the front plates in rows of 6. By the way, you can skip this step since a few of the StuGs had welded on armor reinforcements.
  6. Cut a stowage box that is apox. 4x6x18mm in dimension of the styrene strips and glue it in place to the rear part of the hull.
  7. Cut a few 0,7mm wide strips of the brass-sheet and bend then to make the mounts for the road wheels and the stowage box.
  8. Cut a piece of wire and bend it into a crank, then mount it on the back plate of the StuG.
  9. Now your Sturmi is “Finnished”! Except that is for the usual stuff of mounting the barrel and tracks and the whole painting part of course. Also the MG mounted in the loaders shield should be a Soviet DT-27 MG instead of the German MG-34 provided, I haven’t found any substitute for it yet though.
The StuG has transformed like a beautiful butterfly into a Sturmi.

The StuG has transformed like a beautiful butterfly into a Sturmi.


  • “The Sturmgeschütz in Finnish Service”
    Andreas Lärka,
  • “Suomalaisten rynnäkkötykkien kohtalot”
    Erkki Käkelä & Andreas Lärka, WSOY, 2006, ISBN 951-0-31423-4
  • “Laguksen rynnäkkötykit”
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