[lead poisoning]

Camouflaged camouflage

Yesterday when I started painting up my Sturmis I got into some difficulties, I’ve never been good at painting camouflage but now I ran into another problem, the Finnish 3-color scheme really messed with my partial color blindness. 

I don’t have any problem picking out the German green cammo bottle from the Beige brown one, but when they were drying on the model I really had to concentrate on where I was painting…

To simulate the effect I ran a picture through some filters provided by

To me the filtered pictures actually have greater difference between the brown and the green colors, but for a person with normal vision it they should be harder to distinct. 

There are two different filtered pictures, one where the green spectra is slightly displaced and one with the red spectra displaced, I think I have both of these types of color blindness.

A good site if you want to know more about about color blindness is


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