[lead poisoning]


I’ve been thinking about objectives a bit, one idea i have is to reenact the scene to left on my blog header, the famous shot from Ihantala with a few men with fausts marching past that obliterated T-34, it would be quite easy using the Legions East figure that clearly is inspired by the photo.

The only trouble would be fitting it to a large base.

Another more common idea is to do a regimental insignia, but then I need to decide which one to represent.  

I’ve been thinking about the regiment my grandpa fought in, JR58, but they don’t have any remarkable battle record to show during the defensive battles in 1944, being badly mauled by the commencing barrage at Valkeasaari at the start of the soviet offensive.

JR8 is another hot candidate, as are any regiments engaged in the fighting at Tali-Ihantala.

A third option is to do something involving the lotta figure that I as a “bonus” from Resistant Roosters.


3 responses to “Objectives

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  2. Wolfprophet July 11, 2009 at 04:13

    I think it would be a great honour to your grandfather to try to portray a company from his Regiment. Sure, they may not have been a glory filled unit, but without people like your grandfather you would have had to suffer under soviet oppression for decades.

  3. saturnismus July 12, 2009 at 19:34

    Yes your right, the right thing to do is to portray my grandpas regiment, and as I plan to mainly field an Jääkäri list for LW (which should be from the Jääkäribrigade attached to the Armoured division) I can use JR58 for MW.

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