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More reinforcements

Today I got a delivery from Quick Reaction Force, as predicted I got them before my True North Miniatures order (which is going on it’s fifth week now).

A few first impressions, if we look at the packs of their Hungarians, which I bought to see if they can be mixed with Battlefronts ranges, I must say that headwise  and height-wise they are a very good match indeed, but they are a bit on the skinny side compared to the rather bulky BF models.
The weapons are also thin and probably in scale contrary to most other manufacturers so I’m don’t how well they’ll stand my fumbling finger on the gaming table.

Qualitywise they where good with very little flash but the where a few stubby guns/miscast limb though.
Also the prone figures suffered a bit from misalignment. 

Equipment wise most riflemen wear backpacks with bedrolls, this is not so good for my “finngarian” conversion plans but I think a few of them might fit in. The SMG armed one looks like the are toting AK47s which together with their almost WWI appearance with the M/1917 helmets and puttees feels a bit anachronistic.


QRF T-26

QRF T-26

In addition I ordered a T-26 light tank since I’ll probably end up with a company of them sooner or later. The tank was a pleasant surprise very clean and crisp and nicely detailed.
I’ll certainly look at these for more reinforcements later on.


Lastly I also sampled their Aircraft range with a 1:100 Fiat G50. This is an OK model but nothing fancy.

Some more pictures will be added later.


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