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Converted Battlefront StuG III ausf G Converted Battlefront StuG III ausf G

While waiting for a LW list (and instead of doing useful stuff like basing infantry) I’ve tried to convert a BF StuG to a more Finnish appearance as it would have looked in early June 1944.

The modifications includes removing the commander cupola front reinforcement, moving the spare road wheels to the sides of the superstructure, a stowage box on the rear hull and modelling rivets on the front plate (I’ve trimmed these down in size a bit after taking the picture).

Now all I need is a DT tank MG in 1:100 to put in the now empty MG shield, any suggestions?

I probably end up trying to scratch build one…

A excellent recap of the changes made on the Finnish StuGs can be found on Andreas Lärkas even more excellent website.

*Edit* Heh, I was a bit unsure if the commanders hatch opens backwards or forwards, but here on my own blog I have the most famous Finnish StuG picture ever, that clearly show the hatch opened…


4 responses to “Sturmi

  1. DamianR June 14, 2009 at 05:36

    No-one makes a 15mm DT or DP that I can find, but I have managed to convert up some reasonable copies for my Soviet Universal Carriers.

    Best starting point for the DT I found was the Vickers K gun in the Battlefront SAS Jeeps (if you won’t be able to see the stock area with your conversion) or the Bren AA gun from the British Carriers or Special order.

    K gun you just need to cut or file away the flash hider and hide the stock area, maybe with the loader figure itself.

    Bren Gun is some more work. You need to remove the old banana mag, make up a new drum mag from a barrel or plastic sprue, then file the stock down to a more accurate shape.

    Yes, it can be very fiddly to do, but good jewellers files and patience help.

    • saturnismus June 15, 2009 at 10:19

      Thanks, the Bren gun sound like the best (and cheapest) way, I’ll give it a try and hopefully include the result in the next part of my Sturmi conversion guide.

  2. Wolfprophet July 11, 2009 at 04:09

    Try Old Glory, they make a more modern soviet machine-gun that’s supposed to be on their T-72s, T-80s, etc. I can’t recall the model, but it comes in a 10 pack, has a drum clip and for 15mm scale, looks quite abit like a DT without the stock on it. It might just work for you if you don’t mind the missing stock too much.

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