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Battlefront Hungarians (and a Finn) painted up as Finns

Battlefront Hungarians painted up as Finns (and a converted Finn)

As promised earlier, a picture of a few almost “finnished” Hungarians. they still lack some high-lights and a bit of touch-up work. 

I may use this opertunity to describe my painting technique, it’s actually pretty simple, I cheat, by using GWs new washes.

These are basically just primed with white gesso, a few basic colors are added (mainly GW and Vallejo acrylics) and then they are generously sloshed with Badab black.

After this they look as above, a few highlights later I’ll be quite happy with them. 

I’ve probably washed about 175 15mm infantry models and I still have half of the can left so it’s quite economical too.


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