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As I’ve mentioned before I’m looking into converting some Hungarian infantry to Finns.

The Battlefront range works fine but I’m not satisfied with that, so now I have ordered a few different units of Hungarians from True North Miniatures, to check them out, sadly I couldn’t afford to add some of their “Finnish” aircrafts, they have a nice Range in 1:144 of  suitable planes, like the Fokker DXXI, Morane-Saulnier MS406, Brewster Buffalo, Messerschmitt ME109G, Polikarpov I-153 etc. 

But on the other hand I’m a bit interested in AIMs range of 1:100 aircrafts, they have the Fokker DXXI, Fokker CX, Me109G-6, Brewster and a few other interesting bits…

Well I’ll see how the Hungarian range works at first, when they now arrive (the delivery time seems to be TNMs weak spot).


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