[lead poisoning]

The list

This list is more a opportunity to paint up as many different units as possible instead of a competitive list, so it can probably be tweaked a bit.

But on the other hand I’m mostly waiting for some sort of LW .pdf so I can bring out my StuGs… 

  • HQ with 2 Lahti AT rifle teams – 100pts
  • 3 Jalkaväki platoons á 4 squads and CD SMG teams – 3x220pts 
  • 1 Jääkäri platoon with 4 squads with SMGs – 315pts
  • 1 MG platoon with 2 sections – 155pts
  • 1 81mm mortar platoon with 3 sections – 125pts
  • 1 AT platoon with 2 sections of 45 PstK/37 and 4 CD teams – 190pts
  • 1 Field Artillery platoon with 2 sections – 190 pts
  • 1 Pioneer platoon with 4 squads and CD SMG teams – 240 pts

Total: 1985pts

I know I need to drop some stuff to get a more common 1500pts list but I haven’t made up my mind on that yet…

*Update*  A dedicated page for Army List is now available in the top menu. Added a 1500 and a 1750 pt list too.


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