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Fenno Ugric…

I care a lot of the visual part of war-gaming (hopefully I’ll learn to paint better also…) and therefore I’m a bit disappointed in the amount of models available in Battlefront otherwise excellent range,  I have looked the the Finns M1917 staalhelm toting language relatives, the Hungarians.

The helmets are the same as mentioned and otherwise there aren’t to much difference in appearance  to matter in 15mm scale IMHO, especially the officers (with summer caps, great as battlefronts Finnish range lacks theses, I do file down the characteristic “peak” a bit) works spot on.

The Hungarians (except the officers which have  boots) are modeled with ankle boots, which according to the book Asepuku m/1936 is perfectly fine for Finns, but to make them melt in better with the Finnish range , I’ve carved away the “buttons” molded for the trouser leg and painted the lower leg black.

Other differences are that the Hungarians have bayonets hanging from there belt, I removed them in some cases for variation but left the majority, they will work fine as “puukos” which the BF Finn range completely lacks.

Also the canvas bags are modeled a bit differently but I think they wont stand out too much, though they lack shoulder straps.

Weapon-wise the Mannlichers and Mosin Nagants should match enough to work in 15mm.

AT-rifle wise the Solothurn rifle was in limited use in the Finnish army so they should also work.

The Hungarian Schwarzlose MGs is similar enough to the Finnish 7,62 mm Maxim M/09-21  with tripod also.

A NCO is armed with a Danuvia SMG, it should pass as an Suomi SMG with a straight magasine.

The Solothurn LMG doesn’t differ that much to the Lahti Saloranta either.

The 81mm mortars are identical to the Finnish ones while I’m thinking of converting the 50mm light mortar carriers to panzershreks.

I’ll try to take some pictures in the near future when I have a few Hungarians “finnished”.


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