[lead poisoning]

A comparision

Lahti AT rifles from Legions East, Battlefron and Resistant Roosters   Lahti AT rifles from Legions East, Battlefront and Resistant Roosters

 There are 3 manufacturers that I know of (ok 4 but the QRF single choice of riflemen doesn’t really make a range) that do 15 mm Finnish infantry, Battlefront, Resistant Roosters and Legions East

I have purchased some (summer) infantry from all lines and will do some comparisons.
First up is the  20mm Lahti AT Rifle, from left to right, LE, Bf & RR.
As you can see they do differ at bit in size, actually the LE one is scale-wise the best (just a bit to large) while the Bf one is somewhat to small, while the RR one is puny. 
(No wonder that the Finns called the gun “Norsupyssy”, [elephant gun].)
You can also see my main issues with the RR and LE ranges, the LE has problems with to long limbs and the RR is over-sized (not so evident here though) and have overlarge  bags and gear.


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